Creating & Managing web applications

Who are we ?

Dysnomia is a french company created by Axel Soupé aka Elanis in 2018, the company goals are to create a website network in many fields like games, developpement tools, entertainment, ... All those services are created around a same idea: make contents easily reachable, free and legaly for everyone.
Now, the company consist of only one person, me, Axel Soupé but I hope rise my project fastly.

Our projects

HowToOpen.me Since 2018

HowToOpen.me is a website where your can find how to open, edit or execute a file by its extension.

Dehash.me Since 2017

Dehash.me is a website which permit to hash and dehash. In order to dehash, it use a growing dictionnary which stock every word and its hash.

Galactae: Space Age Dawn Since 2016
Out en 2018

Browser & mobile game
Galactae: Space Age Dawn is an innovative browser strategy game, indeed, the game is made in order to have maximum gameplay choices. In the story, you are one of the 3 suggested leaders to grow your nation and make your power accepted in the whole galaxy.


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