Manufactur'inc screenshotManufactur'inc screenshotManufactur'inc screenshot
Manufactur'inc screenshot

Lead your new company to success in this industry management game. Blueprint and optimize your production; make ethical choices to influence your worker conditions, ecological impact, automation level, and more. Will you create a simple manuFactory or a beneFactory?

Alchemistry screenshotAlchemistry screenshotAlchemistry screenshot
Alchemistry screenshot

Practice Alchemistry, aka the art to merge elements to discover new ones ! Solve challenges or play freely to discover every elements. Craft the entire world from fire to life. Through challenges, use the given elements to craft transitional elements to reach given objective ! Challenges will gradually increase difficulties, starting with one or two steps crafts and finishing with dozen of intermediate elements ! Use sandbox mode to freely craft items together and maybe succeed to create rare items, and to discover everything ! Hundred of elements are available to craft, some are easy to guess, but the latest are not that easy ...

Extortion screenshotExtortion screenshotExtortion screenshot
Extortion screenshot

You're a computer engineer with a terrible secret. Someone is blackmailing you and now, you have to hack some servers and get secret files for him. Would you succeed to achieve his missions or would you find him and revenge ? In this interactive story, you're playing a computer engineer on their console line interface. You have access to a whole set of commands and servers to connect to and/or attack. You'll be forced to attack servers with gradually increasing security. Will you succeed to achieve all missions that will be given to you? Connect, attack, download files, bait security, break firewalls, and many other actions that can be possible. Or will you choose to achieve a minimum number of missions to track and revenge from your blackmailer? This interactive story will let you make some choices but will you make the right ones? One way to know: join the story.

Galactae: Space Age Dawn screenshotGalactae: Space Age Dawn screenshotGalactae: Space Age Dawn screenshot
Galactae: Space Age Dawn screenshot

Your predecessor is dead ... Now, you need to choose how to lead your nation: CEO, President or Emperor, you need audacity and strategy to raise your nation in the whole the galaxy! Depending on your choices, your nation will make its own identity, difficulties will be differents, but also conquest and colonization options, and many other leader sides. screenshot screenshot

Track achievements from all your favorite game libraries. screenshot screenshot was created to raise awareness on basic hashing weaknesses. It owns and generate its own (weak) hashes dictionnary.


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